[Video] Expert Views on China-U.S. and China-Europe Trade

On the sidelines of the Fifth Session of the 12th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), China Pictorial interviewed experts on China-U.S. and China-Europe trade. They expressed views on global trade issues including China's role in global trade, the outlook for China-U.S. and China-Europe trade, and protectionism.
by China India Dialogue
January 18, 2017: The frst freight train carrying textiles and consumer goods arrives in Barking, London, after a 12,000-mile journey from Yiwu in the eastern Chinese province of Zhejiang. CFP

Li Ruogu  

National CPPCC Member  

Former President of Export-Import Bank of China

“I think it is very hard to predict that the protectionism has a future. We will face some setbacks. But eventually, I think the international trade and international economic cooperation cannot be stopped.”


Ke Bingsheng 

National CPPCC Member 

President of China Agricultural University

“Free trade enables each country to best use it resources, to take their advantage of competitiveness. Now international can be win-win situation rather than win-lost. ”


Zhou Hanmin 

National CPPCC Member 

Vice Chairman of Shanghai CPPCC Committee 

“We do hope the new administration of the United States will still carry on its international responsibility to promote the world economic and trade development, and also we need to enhance the negotiation of BIT and also there is such similar negation going on between China and EU we need follow as well. In one word, future will be bright and should be bright.”